Terms and conditions

  1. Placing an order with our establishment implies full acceptance on our part and on the part of the customer, without reservation, of our general terms and conditions of sale.
  2. At the time of the order, an advance is required as a deposit, in case of breach of the contract by the buyer or the seller, a compensation of 25% of the total amount of the sale.
  3. Payment must be made in full on the day of delivery, if commissioning takes place later, either: cash payment or financing with legal advance or accepted bill of exchange at the expense of the buyer.
  4. Outside standard furniture The customer is responsible for the specified measurement. The order will only be taken into account after payment of 40% of the total price by way of deposit
  5. The deliveries will be made according to the availability of the goods in stock and according to our manufacturing program. The postponement of the delivery period attributable to the buyer or the seller’s will may give rise to the payment of damages representing late payment interests. The home delivery of the goods takes place exclusively on the ground floor of the buildings. The cost of handling of pulley or elevator, as well as possible installation costs of plumbing, electricity and necessary accessories are the responsibility of the purchaser and are payable in cash to the installer. The customer will have every option regarding the acceptance of the goods at the time of delivery. For visible defects, scratches, blows, etc., these must be indicated in writing on the delivery note of our driver.
  1. For foreign countries, deliveries will take place from our warehouse in Gembloux after full payment of the invoice. The goods will be transported at the expense and risk of the buyer.
  2. The guarantee is valid for two years and six months for parts, manual labor and travel costs.
  3. The leather has undergone the test of animal life. The smaller scars that may appear are proof of the originality of the genuine leather: since the latter is somewhat stretchy, folds and undulations may form. The leather does not tolerate direct exposure to the sun’s rays that could fade the color, nor the proximity of heat sources that dry it out. These characteristics, specific to genuine leather, are not covered by the warranty and cannot be a reason for refusal or dispute.
  4. Disputes Only the Commercial Court of Namur has jurisdiction